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New York has come a very long way in the climb up the ladder of respect with regard to their wine production quality and quantity. Once considered "pretenders" - sweet wine for people who didn't like "real" wine, NYS wineries have now gained ground by thinking outside the vat and creating a destination get-away filled with fun and beautiful scenery. Wine tours are year-round, with many a craft brewery and distillery along the way.


Local handcrafted and other NY State Wines and Spirits


Beak and Skiff 1911

  • Founder’s Reserve NYS Hard Cider – Dry Hopped, Heritage, Rose, Sweet Apple
  • NYS Apple Wine – Empire, Honeycrisp, McIntosh


  • Comsi Comsa (Apple Crisp) Sparkling Apple Wine/ 12% ABV, Kosher, Gluten-Free

Nine Pin

  • Hard Ciders from Albany, NY - Signature, Ginger and seasonal flavors

Kymar Farms, Schoharie County

  • Schoharie Shine
  • MappleJack
  • Storyhouse Vodka

Springbrook Farms

  • Howl at the Moonshine – White, Maple, Apple
  • Adirondack High Rye Bourbon
  • Sly Fox Gin
  • Two Sisters Vodka
  • Two Sisters Limoncello and Orangecello

Yankee Distillery

  • Bourbon
  • Rye
  • White Rum

Saratoga Courage

  • Pick Six Vodka
  • Devil’s Den Moonshine – Apple Pie, Strawberry Jam

Albany Distilling Co.

  • Ironweed – Straight Malt, Bourbon, Rye

Hudson Distilling Co.

  • Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Helderberg MeadWorks

  • Heritage, Apple, Maple, Feral & Sweet Feral Meads, and New Odin's Tears

Adirondack Winery

  • Soaring Strawberry
  • Blue Twilight
  • Amethyst Sunset
  • Prospect Mountain Peach
  • Red Carriage Holiday Blend (Cranberry)
  • Baco Noir
  • Rieslings – Dry, Semi Sweet, Semi Dry

Hunt Country

  • Hunter's Red

Salmon Run

  • Chardonnay-Riesling
  • Cabernet Franc Merlot
  • Lake House White

Heron Hill

  • Eclipse White
  • Dry Riesling

Casa Larga

  • Limited Release Red Meritage
  • Chard-Riesling


  • Pinot Noir North Block 5
  • Celsius Ice Wine


  • Georgia Peach
  • Jammin’ Strawberry
  • Superstition

Carroll’s Mead

  • Sweet Honey Wine

Thousand Island Winery

  • North Country Red
  • St. Lawrence Red

Lakeland Winery

  • Coconut Zuzu
  • Green Apple
  • White Cranberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Black Cherry
  • Dragonfruit
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry
  • Raspberry Peach Sangria
  • Cucumber Melon
  • Wildberry
  • Moscatohh


Anthony’s Road

  • Tony’s Red

Goose Watch

  • Golden Spumante
  • Traminette

Fox Run

  • Semi-dry Riesling
  • Traminette
  • Artic Fox

Thirsty Owl

  • Snow Owl
  • Diamond


  • 2012 Pinot Noir

Cocoa Di Vine

  • Chocolate Wine


  • Un-oaked Chardonnay
  • Select, Semi, and Dry Riesling


  • Red Cat
  • White Cat
  • Cabin Fever Blush


  • Holiday Spiced Wine
  • Dry and regular Riesling


  • Red Zepplin
  • Diamond
  • Dornfelder (Red)

Lamoreaux Landing

  • Gewurztrminer
  • Estate Red


  • Seyval Blanc
  • Dry Riesling
  • Chardonnay
  • Trestle Creek Riesling

Saratoga Winery

  • Semi dry Riesling
  • Rustic Red

Swedish Hill

  • Doobie Blues White
  • Jack Ass Red


  • Fat Frog Red
  • Blue Moon
  • Cranberry Bog

Bully Hill

  • Sweet Walter White, Rose, Red
  • Love Goat White, Rose, Red

Red Newt Cellars

  • Red Circle Riesling
  • Blue Newt White Riesling

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