Fabulous Local Wine and Spirit Offers

Incredible Local Wine and Liquor

Black Mountain Wine & Liquor offers you wines and liquors made right here in New York State. You can choose from a huge variety of locally made drinks from Adirondack Winery, KyMar Farms, Springbrook Distillery, Lake George Distillery, and Mountain View Distillery.

We strive to bring the public many amazing local wines and liquors. That's why we support local wine and distillery businesses.

Amazing Local Wine List

Beak and Skiff 1911 
• Founder’s Reserve NYS Hard Cider – Dry Hopped, Heritage, Rose, Sweet Apple
• NYS Apple Wine – Empire, Honeycrisp, McIntosh 
• NYS Apple Vodka & Gin

Nine Pin Hard Ciders from Albany, NY
• Original, Vanilla Chai, Ginger, Cidre Rose cans, & Raspberry in bottles

Kymar Farms, Schoharie County
• Schoharie Shine
• Cinnaster Shine
• Storyhouse Vodka

Springbrook Hollow Farms
• Howl at the Moonshine – White, Maple, Apple
• Adirondack High Rye Bourbon
• Sly Fox Gin
• Two Sisters Vodka
• Two Sisters Limoncello and Orangecello

Adirondack Distillery
• 601 Bourbon
• ADK Gin

Saratoga Courage
• Pick Six Vodka
• Devil’s Den Moonshine – Apple Pie, Strawberry Jam

Albany Distilling Co.
• Ironweed – Straight Malt, Bourbon, Rye

Hudson Distilling Co.
• Baby Bourbon Whiskey
• Single Malt Whiskey
• NY Corn Whiskey
• Manhattan Rye

Helderberg MeadWorks
• Heritage, Apple, Maple, Feral & NEW Sweet Feral Mead

Adirondack Winery
• Soaring Strawberry
• Prospect Mountain Peach
• Blue TwilightBlueberry
• Amethyst Sunset Blackberry
• Red Carriage Holiday Blend
• Baco Noir
• Rieslings – Dry, semi sweet, semi dry

Salmon Run
• Chardonnay-Riesling 
• Cabernet Franc Merlot 
• Lake House White

Heron Hill
• Eclipse Red and White
• Rieslings

Casa Larga 
• Limited Release Red Meritage
• Chard-Riesling

• Pinot Noir North Block 5
• Celsius Ice Wine

• Georgia Peach
• Jammin’ Strawberry 
• Loganberry 
• Superstition

Carroll’s Mead 
• Sweet Honey Wine

Thousand Island Winery
• North Country Red
• St. Lawrence Red

Lakeland Winery
• Coconut Zuzu 
• Pineapple Pear
• Green Apple
• White Cranberry
• Pomegranate
• Black Cherry 
• Dragonfruit
• Chocolate Covered Cherry
• Raspberry Peach Sangria

Anthony’s Road Tony’s Red

Goose Watch
• Golden Spumante
• Traminette

Great Western 
•  Sparkling Burgundy

Fox Run
• Semi-dry Riesling
• Traminette
• Artic Fox
• Cabernet Franc/ Lemburger

Thirsty Owl
• Snow Owl
• Diamond

•  2012 Pinot Noir

Cocoa Di Vine 
•  Chocolate Wine

• Chocolate Chai, Espresso Machiatto, Vanilla Latte, Coco Cappucino

• Riesling’s – Select, Semi dry, Dry
• Alta B White
• Un-Oaked Chardonnay

• Red Cat
• White Cat
• Cabin Fever Blush

• Holiday Spiced Wine
• Semi-dry Riesling

• Red Zepplin
• Riesling

Lamoreaux Landing
• Gewurztrminer
• Estate Red

• Seyval Blanc
• Dry Riesling
• Chardonnay
• Trestle Creek Riesling

The Saratoga Winery
• Semi dry Riesling
• Rustic Red

Swedish Hill
• Doobie Blues White
• Jack Ass Red

• Fat Frog Red
• Blue Moon
• Cranberry Bog

Bully Hill
• Sweet Walter White, Rose, Red
• Love Goat White, Rose, Red

Variety of liquors and wines
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